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2.7mm Articulating Videoscope

Product Description

The CoreView 2.7mm articulating videoscope is a high performance, versatile inspection tool that allows users to access areas that were previously inaccessible to videoscope products. Its small diameter (.108"), short distal tip, bending section lengths (.30" / .60"), and dedicated 0° and 90° DOV options offer unmatched performance in scopes of this size range. The ergonomic articulation handle control design with real time tip motion shape holding capability makes the scope very easy to operate. There is also an internal over-torque system which allows the distal scope tip to survive an accidental removal from a part while still fully articulated. The CoreView is designed and built in the USA of high quality materials and is fully serviced from our headquarters in Westport, Massachusetts. Complete scope rebuilds are normally finished in less than one week A.R.O. Please give our team a call for additional information.


  • 2.75mm (.108") diameter multi-durometer Nylon sheathing
  • 800mm (~31") Working Length
  • 2-way articulating scope tip (±100° up - down)
  • CMOS video imager at tip of scope (62,500 pixel / Resolution 500H x 500V)
  • Image displays through Zibra Corp software package to view/adjust/record scope image to a PC via USB 3.0 connection


CoreView Product Specifications (11.6 MB)

CoreView Demo Video - Wave Guide Inspection

CoreView Demo Video - Turbine Blade Inspection

CoreView Demo Video - Currency Inspection

Click to Download - PC Viewer Software(16.1 MB)