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Founded in 1984 to answer a need for high quality, small diameter borescopes, Zibra Corporation has grown to become the premier designer and producer of today’s rigid, semi-rigid and flexible microborescope systems. Using the latest in subminiature optics and optical fiber, we create tools to navigate previously inaccessible areas, delivering images of unprecedented resolution. Zibra Corporation is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service. We design, build, sell and service all of our products from our company headquarters, located in Westport, Massachusetts, USA. Our unique capability is providing optical design, mechanical design, production and sales support all under one roof. Please contact us at 800-758-8773 for a free consultation on how our products and technology can work for you.


Our most popular and versatile borescope platform, the MilliscopeII system is ideal for applications requiring small diameter, rapid replacement borescope options. MilliscopeII products are easily customized and adaptable to both eye and camera-based usage. A full line of lighting and video support products are available.

2.7mm Articulating Videoscope

The CoreView 2.7mm articulating videoscope is a high performance, versatile inspection tool that allows users to access areas that were previously inaccessible to videoscope products. Its small diameter (.108"), short distal tip, bending section lengths (.30" / .60"), and dedicated 0° and 90° DOV options offer unmatched performance in scopes of this size range. The ergonomic articulation handle control design with real time tip motion shape holding capability makes the scope very easy to operate. There is also an internal over-torque system which allows the distal scope tip to survive an accidental removal from a part while still fully articulated.

Custom Solutions

Zibra Corp is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service. We design, build, sell and service all of our products from our company headquarters, located in Westport, Massachusetts. Our in-house engineering and production capabilities allow us to deliver custom projects in a timely and cost efficient manner. From lens design to OEM optomechanical configurations to specialized scope fixtures, we can satisfy all of your project requirements. Please give our engineering team a call today to discuss your application.

A tradition of leadership and innovation make Zibra Corp the instrument of choice for industrial and medical grade inspections.

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+ What's New
  • Zibra Corp is proud to announce the availability of a 4 mm diameter submersible video fiberscope system. This system was developed for underwater ship inspection and offers integrated high resolution imaging along with LED illumination. The diver carries a robust, sealed ergonomic enclosure which is pressure rated to 2 bar / 200 kPa. It is portable, lightweight, and offers an excellent alternative to expensive videoscope usage. The system's part number is ZX40.4500.00FX6KIT and is listed on the United States AMU list. Please contact Zibra Corp for additional information.

  • CoreView 2.7 mm diameter articulating videoscope production is now underway and rental / sale units are available. Please visit our CoreView product page and feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule a demonstration.

+ Scope University

Zibra Corp builds some of the smallest and most technologically advanced imaging tools in the world. Would you like to learn more about the technology and terminology associated with our scope products? Please visit our Scope University page for a brief but informative tutorial on basic scope specifications as well as more advanced, Zibra-specific features and capabilities. If you are new to the world of remote visual inspection tools, then the Zibra Corp Scope University should be your first stop.

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