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Low Cost / High Resolution Borescope System

Product Description

The Zibrascope platform is a low cost, high quality rigid borescope system which utilizes superior optics and industrial grade machined components. All probes utilize a DIN standard eye viewer and ACMI light guide post, which allow for multiple lighting and video options. The Zibrascope products are also highly portable and interface with our Zibralight handheld light source and Zibracam CCD camera system.


  • High quality rigid borescope system
  • Optical systems built with AR coated achromat lenses
  • Diameters — 4.0mm & 6.0mm
  • Working length — 315mm (all models)
  • View directions — 0°, 45°, & 90° (high quality prisms)


Zibrascope Data Sheet (187 KB)

Zibralight Data Sheet (148 KB)

Zibracam Data Sheet (217 KB)